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July 6, 2011
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Ponies of Stalliongrad by Ritualist Ponies of Stalliongrad by Ritualist
Sooooooooooo, how do I start this? =D

Stalliongrad, a pun for Stalingrad, is it not?

Got name for Stalliongrad from :iconyoorporick:'s map of Equestria: [link]

City of war-like, heavy-industry pony nation. Only ones to oppose Celestia ( [link] )

Upper picture is a concept for a stallion: all earth-ponies, bulkier, smaller eyes. They shave their mane during time of war and generally have short tails. Their cuitemarks are mostly weapons or heavy-duty tools. Lower one is crucial moment of their history: the day they said Celestia: "Sod off!"

History of the city

In the early days of Equestria, not all ponies lived under Celestia's and Luna's watchful eyes. To the northeast, group of ponies formed village of Stalliongrad. Unlike their cousins watched over by castle of Canterlot, these ponies worked hard to defend themselves, as their lands were often in danger of dragon and bear attacks.

Constantly driven to fight, they advanced metallurgy from simple gold and jewel crafting to steel forging, as well as applying fireworks gunpowder into weapon of war.

When battle with Luna was won, Celestia turned greater attention to the lands below her. With her guards, she traveled Equestria, securing her rule, mostly with no opposition.


At the gates of Stalliongrad, her request to have ponies submit to her benevolent rule was refused and spit on. These ponies know of her and her powers, of course. Some even worshiped her as deity, as ponies in her land did in those early days. They had great respect for her, knowing how prosperous her land was. But to submit their independence to anyone, even the one who rotated the sun, was out of the question.

Celestia, still bitter of Luna's betrayal, was not willing to let this insult last. Her armies were deployed, and so were the armies of Stalliongrad. Nobody remembers who started the battle: was it stallion's warlike nature, or Celestia's disturbed state of mind. Whatever it was, the first and only pony battle was bloody indeed.

Pegasus rained from the sky, smashing themselves into stallion ranks, but their ceremonial, soft golden armors were ripped to shreds against thick wall of steel and spikes. Unicorns lifted huge rocks, cutting holes in strong lines of stallions. Guns answered them, wracking havoc as well. Celestia was present at all time, discharging magical attacks at her enemy.

At the end of the day, most of her army was dead. Stallions were beaten too, but had no thought of surrender. Even if she burned her city like dragon, they would go to the hills. Even if she destroys the hills, they will move to the mountains. They will never surrender, they said to her.

In the moment, Celestia realized just how pointless the war was with stallions. She was suppose to be force of compassion, love and friendship. Deeply apologizing for war, peace treaty was made. War was never to be spoke of again. Stalliongrad would forever be ally of Equestria, never part of it. Trade was opened and stallions promised to ease their aggressive ways, as well as Celestia promised to stay in the world as guardian and teacher, never as absolute ruler.

Since that day Stalliongrad prospered. Placed on site where river meets the sea, and near mines of iron, it grew fast. Most of technological stuff ponies used would be made there. Famous skyscrapers of Manehattan would be build by stallion workers. Stallions would play instrumental role in pacifying some of unruly regions of Equestria, such as some of wilder bison tribes and aggressive gryphon bands.

Today, Stalliongrad is a large industrial center. It's citizens still train in art of war, but not as extensive as in early days. Some of them do, and this hardened stallions are sent to places where help is needed and getting your hove bloody is a last resort.

:star: NOW WITH LENIN'S LAST WORDS: [link] :star:
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I'd work with these guys rather than Ms. Pretty-Pretty anyday of the week. Might pick up some good work ethics with workin' with them... Oo-rah.
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Damn right, solider.
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I'll just leave this here.
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You just showed whole new world to me. Must have that game!
Thank you :D
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"Были орды и ханы, грозные атаманы, но последнее слово всегда за тобой!" 
Я люблю всё, что написано ХОРОШО о моей стране. Это я считаю проявлением нашей РУССКОЙ сущности в виде пони. Порвав к х**м половину армии принцессы, они бы выиграли, если бы не магия. Магические отряды спасли армию Селестии. А так было бы неплохо увидеть советские флаги над Кантерлотом, Понивилем, Филлидельфией, Мэйнхэттэном, Эпалузой и другими городами. Клаудсдэйл остался бы наверное независимым. Или в руинах. В общем крики типо "FOR STALIN!FOR VODKA!" меня не обрадовали. Так давайте же споём "Три танкиста три весёлых друга" и го с победами по Эквэстрии!
А к 
XDolbik и Ritualist у меня 2 вопроса - "Зачем вы так?" к КСДолбику и "В каком городе живёте?" к Ритуалисту.

Искренне ваш: mister_Haladriel
кто знает - тот поймёт.
моё мыло: катана-рус@майл.ру (только латинскими буквами).
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Eh, in English? ^^;
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on English!
"There were hordes and khans, terrible atamans, but the last word always for you! "
I love everything that is written WELL about my country. I consider it as manifestation of our RUSSIAN essence in the form of a pony. Having torn to XYIAM(russian bad word) a half of army of the princess, they would win, if not magic. Magic groups rescued Selestiya's army. And it would be so quite good to see the Soviet flags over Kanterlot, Ponivil, Fillidelfiya, Meynkhetten, Epaluza and other cities. Klaudsdeyl would remain probably independent. Or in ruins. Generally shouts like "FOR STALIN! FOR VODKA! " me didn't please. So let's sing "Three tankmen three cheerful friends" and го with victories across Ekvestriya!
And to XDolbik and Ritualist at me 2 questions - "Why you so? " to Ksdolbik and "In what city you live? " to the Ritualist.

Sincerely yours: mister_Haladriel
who knows - that will understand.
my soap: (only Latin letters).
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