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Maleficent sketch by Ritualist
Maleficent sketch
Something I made this summer, but didn't get to color it yet. Had this weird dream that Maleficent was trapped in some jail and was working out till she could break chains. When I woke up, I sketched it out best I could. Should probably do a new version.
AFL grudge match 5 - Ritz vs Krod by Ritualist
AFL grudge match 5 - Ritz vs Krod
At long last, I finished the final of the grudge matches from AFL :phew: Good, old Krod is made by :iconashlore: and Ritz absolutely loves the big guy. Viking arena/drinking hall is an idea I had for quite some time and I wanted to use it here. :) Hagar the Horrible and Lucky Eddie in the background are just a bonus ;)
Red and Kiva flex-off
Illustration for the story :iconpumpmonger: and I are making. :D
Here is part of it, written by him, as preview for you all:

Wrapped head to toe from the desert heat and sun she pushed through the Hostel doors. It was a huge building of many stories and rooms with great room leading to a courtyard in the middle. She moved carefully as her eyes adjusted to the dimmer light of the great room. She just hoped her target had not moved on again. She reached the bar and the tap man came over to take her order.

“Beer, large and cold.” She said.

His eyes widen when he heard a woman’s voice but he moved to bring the beer when she tossed a coin on the bar. He was even more surprised when he saw the coin was gold. It was many times more than the beer with worth.

“You can keep it if you can give me some information.”

He looked like he would refuse until she tossed a second coin down.

“I am looking for a red head, you cannot miss her. Tall, half naked with freckles and violet eyes.”

The man laughed as he scooped up the second coin and pointed to the courtyard. She took her beer and headed for the courtyard. The heat was less than the desert outside but was still brutal. In spite of this a large crowd had formed. She pushed her way through the crowd, knowing full well her target would be the center of attention. She made her way through the crowd and found she was at the edge pf a fight pit. She sighed.

“It figures.”

There was a fight on going. She felt her heart skip at the sight. There was her target, bigger than life and twice as lovely with two huge desert ogres. The ogres towered over the woman and each had a firm grip on an arm. The warrior’s body shone with sweat as her body strained and muscles flexed resisting the terrible force.

“I did not come this far to lose you.”

But before she could act the warrior in the pit braced her feet and lifted the ogres off their feet. The crowd gasped in amazement as the huge monsters struggled and protested. The warrior hurled one across the pit into the far wall, it hit with a crunch and stopped moving. The other she raised high over her head and grasping it with both hands brought it down on her knee breaking it’s back. She tossed the body to the sand and posed arms wide with a foot on her defeated foe.

“These two will harm no one else!” She roared.

It was her target alright. She leapt into the pit and approached the warrior.

“Fun is over. You are coming with me.”

The violet eyes went wide.

“Kiva? Is that you?”

Kiva tossed her robes off. She was dressed in a blouse, skirt and boots with a fine mail shirt over the blouse.

“It has been a long time Red.”

The warrior nodded, her eyes devouring the red hair beauty in front of her.

“You have been working out.” Red purred, flexing one of her arms.

Kiva matched her pose almost ripping the sleeve of her blouse.

“A match for you now.”

“Care to put that to the test?” Red said, she motioned to the crowd.

“Fight! Fight! Fight!” The crowd chanted.

Kiva blushed. She would have to strip down to fight Red. She wanted to test her strength but did not want to go half naked in public.

“If you are not up to it.” Red teased and heat flared in Kiva.

“Are you doubting my strength?” She growled.

Red shook her head.

“Just your courage.” She laughed.

“I will show you.” Kiva hissed.

She grabbed both the mail shirt and blouse and pulled them off over her head. The air felt good on her tan naked skin. The crowd cheered and Red let out a low whistle.

“You have been working hard.” She said admiring the cut muscles.

She reacted out but stopped.

“Do you mind?”

Kiva was thrilled by the reaction and posed flexing her arms.

Red moved in close and her hands rubbed the hard stomach, abs like they were carved from stone. She moved up, tracing the tan lines on the powerful chest, she trailed her fingers on the smooth flawless skin as she moved behind to admire the powerful back and broad shoulders better. Finally she squeezed the rock hard biceps.

“I am impressed, Kiva. Are you ready to put it to the test?

“Name the challenge.”

Red thought for a moment.

“Three challenges. One, we have a arm wrestling contest. Two, we have a lifting contest.”

“And three?” Kiva asked nodding to the first two.

“We fight in the arena, unarmed until one is knocked out or surrenders.”

“Usual bet?”

“Loser services the winner.”
Growth drive comic page 7 by Ritualist
Growth drive comic page 7
Previous page

Sorry for the wait, guys, but I have been busy (as always) and one man can only do so much. ^^;

Anyhow, soccer moms muscles are getting ridiculous huge and are only going to be bigger and bigger. :D

Growth drive is fully funded, as you can see here.

EDIT: Small fix on their legs in last panel and text. Thanks to people for pointing it out. :) I'm not sure when next page will be done since I have a very important test this Saturday, but after that I'll be quick to work on next pages.


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Darzee7 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015
When will you release page 7 of the growth drive comic?
Ritualist Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Monday or Tuesday.
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have you play world of Warcraft or any of Warcraft games?
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Ah if you like 3d art You wanna check out my Asari Amazons =)
Artmaster6778757 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2015
can you start a comic where ritualist visits a world fill with bodybuilding barbarian amazon women
Ritualist Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Full Steam page 09 by Ritualist
Artmaster6778757 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2015
Ritualist Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Already was made. :)
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